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Insurance Affiliates, Coverage & Services
GreenTree Benefit Services recognizes the importance of quality insurance coverage. We offer service for every individual, family &/or business situation... service you can count on. GreenTree Benefit Services
We are a licensed broker for ALL major insurance carriers.... dedicated to helping you &/or your company find a plan that meets both your needs and your budget. Our insurance affiliates include:
Aetna/US Healthcare   Golden Rule
Allstate   Guardian
American Medical   Humana
Care First (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)   Metropolitan
Coventry   Pan American
Delta Dental   UnitedHealthcare
Fidelity   Unum
Fortis   Illinois Mutual
  We provide coverage and other services in the following areas:
Health   Self-Insurance
"Mini-Meds"/"Secure Care"   COBRA Billing At NO Cost
"Seniors Choice" & Individual Medicare   Health Savings Accounts
Disability   Dental
Life   Vision
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  With medical expenses steadily on the rise,
most of us cannot survive without good medical insurance. Health insurance plans fall into two categories - indemnity plans and managed care plans (i.e. HMO's, preferred provider organizations [PPO's], and [POS] point of service plans).
Indemnity plans allow you to choose your own doctors. The plan pays for your medical expenses totally or in part or it allows a specified amount of coverage per day, etc.  While a managed care plan provides broader coverage, it involves an arrangement between the insurer and a selected network of health-care providers. That is, you are required to select from primary care physicians in the network who refer you to specialists, if necessary.

Selecting the plan that is right for you is very important. The best plan is the one that gives you both flexibility and benefits at the lowest cost available. GreenTree Benefit Services will help find the best plan for you.

"Mini-Meds"/"Secure Care"  
  Most employers realize that offering health benefits reduces turnover and associated costs. The challenge is to find quality benefits at a price the employer and employee can live with.

Mini-Med/Secure Care insurance is a new alternative to traditional healthcare insurance that provides traditional range of medical insurance but at predetermined limits set by your employer. Mini-meds are a relatively new and very affordable alternative in healthcare coverage.

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"Seniors Choice" & Individual Medicare Plans
GreenTree Benefit Services   The Seniors Choice plan is designed for employers to offer their retirees. The plan provides coverage for medical expenses not covered by Medicare (including out-patient prescription drugs).
Participants are offered a complete choice of physicians at economical rates including outpatient prescription coverage.
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  Statistics show that men have a one in five chance of suffering a long-term disability before their planned retirement; A woman, one in three! What would happen to you and/or your family if you were to become disabled?  Many employee plans, such as workers' compensation and social security benefits - combined - do not provide adequate coverage. GreenTree Benefit Services offers supplemental coverage to protect you from the financial disaster caused by injury/illness-related disability.
Life Insurance  
  Buying life insurance is an easy way to protect your family after you're gone. The staff at GreenTree Benefit Services will help you determine what type will give you peace of mind.
There are two basic types of life insurance: Term, which provides coverage for a specified period of time (term), and cash value (permanent) insurance, which combines a death benefit with a cash value component.
  GreenTree Benefit Services
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Self Insurance  
  Self-insurance (or self-funding as it is also referred to) is an alternative risk financing strategy used by tens of thousands of employers across the country to finance their group health care and workers' compensation liabilities.

Self-insurance has become an increasingly attractive option for many employers due to the rising costs associated with health care and workers' compensation commercial insurance.

COBRA Billing at No Cost  
  Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) legislation has created a rather complicated administrative process for companies offering health coverage to it's employees. Before you can correctly administer the COBRA legislation, you must understand contents, your company's responsibility and potential liabilities. An employer found to be in noncompliance of the law may be required to pay stiff penalties and/or civil responsibilities to former employees.

GreenTree Benefit Services has the necessary knowledge, experience and the technology to work within the framework of COBRA legislation.  We offer a solution to COBRA administration... at NO cost to you, our customer!

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Health Savings Accounts  
  Through a combination of cost-control advantages and benefit enhancements the "Health Savings Account" is an attractive option for almost any small business and individual. Premiums and contributions are 100% tax deductible with any accumulated savings and interest kept in a tax-deferred, IRA-type account. This plan is ideal for self-employed individuals and companies with up to 50 employees!
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Dental Coverage  
  GreenTree Benefit Services offers dental coverage through multiple carriers including Metropolitan Life (aka MetLife) and Delta Dental.  Delta Dental provides dental benefits for over 5,000 groups nationwide and Metropolitan Life has been rated #1 largest dental carrier in the country with over 7,000,000 employees... 18.6 million people covered!

These carriers have the knowledge and innovation to help you implement a dental plan that fits your financial strategies and provides value to your employees.

Dental benefits are available directly to individuals and their families. The Teethkeepers dental program is designed specifically for individuals who:

  • Are self-employed
  • Do not have a dental benefit
    offered by their employer
  • Are looking for additional dental benefits

Click on the image link to learn more about the Teethkeepers program!



Vision Coverage  
  GreenTree Benefit Services also offers quality vision care services including: Full-Service Vision, Eyewear Only, Exam Only, and Voluntary Vision plans. Our carriers provide group and individual vision care through a network of over 11,000 private practice and retail optical providers nationwide!
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